Sunday, June 4, 2017

Post FBI release

I hope you're all enjoying the newest FBI release!
I know the arc is a long time coming, but I still hope it kept you on the edge of your seat.
As I was reviewing the reviews being left, there were couple that stood out. I thought I would talk about one specifically--not in a bad way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I need to know if its an isolated case or if it is really time to kill the series and have them go out in a blaze of glory. The one reader thinks I should end the FBI series.

here is what I posted on my FB wall in response:

Dear readers,
Thank you for an amazing week for Revenge Has Come. It's had its highs and it's lows.
Today, a review was left by an anonymous person saying that it was time to end the FBI series. If one person is feeling that, then others might be too. If that's how you feel, please let me know. If that's the case, I will not keep it alive. (If you message me, I won't reveal your name if you say yes.)
I always promised from the beginning that if it began feeling dull or stale, I'd kill it.
So, I'm asking you for your opinion. You don't have to post it here. You can email it to me, message me, etc. I've posted this on my blog, and that way everyone--not just my FB family can have a chance to weigh in.
I'm serious.
I believe that you guys put it at the top, so you have a choice in all of this.
Should u wrap the FBI series, and go out on a high note?

I didn't post the actual review because it has spoilers in it, and I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

Thank you,

So, message me below in the comments.
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Or let me know by your reviews. 


  1. I may be the reviewer you are referring to, I am not saying to necessarily end the series but maybe do something a little different I see you are doing a new series with my favorite FBI team that may be a nice spin. I may be looking at this a little too realistically considering the kids and the job. I would like to see a little in the future where the kids are getting older and how their job is effecting them. I guess the break up brought a little perspective to the series for me and I just want Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen to have a HEA.

    1. Please don't listen to this keyboard warrior, Morgan! The FBI series is fresh, amazing, and like nothing anyone has ever written. That's why people love it. I was sitting in my doctor's office in Cali and two women were talking about Elizabeth Blackhawk. I couldn't believe it. I joined in, and it was amazing.
      You've created a series people adore. I even asked them if they saw that review and they were sick over it too!
      If this reviewer knows so much about how a book should be written, let her show us one of her books. it's amazing that avid readers like myself (or this reviewer) think they can do a better job because they read books. I'd love for her to try.
      I read that review and I was furious that someone would be so f'ing rude. You give us a book a month, and you keep them at a low price so people like me who are on a budget can still have great books at a low price. That matters more to me than anything.
      You're not some money grubbing author who takes one 600 page book and chops it apart to sell it in chapters to get rich.
      That shows the level of dedication you have for your characters and readers.
      This is a series, so there's going to be ups and downs. There's going to be weakness. There's going to be times when Elizabeth struggles.
      She's like every other woman out there. Don't let the opinion of this woman upset you or get you to close the series down. There is NO other series out there when I relate to the characters so much.
      I am Elizabeth.
      My best friend is her too.
      We can't always be strong, but you know what? Since reading your books, I found a little Elizabeth in me. I stand up for myself more. I fight a little harder for what I believe in, and i'm not as afraid to be me. I'm badass like Elizabeth, and just because she has the kids and a job doesn't mean it's time to end a series. It's only getting better.
      Don't let Ms. Realism rain on our parade. If the break gave her perspective, let her move along. There are plenty of other authors out there, and she can find another.
      Don't touch our Elizabeth, Ethan, and Callen. They are realistic, you built a world around them with deep, rich characters, and that is a wonderful thing.
      I love when a reader has the audacity to tell an author what they WANT to see. If you don't like the story, read a different one or write your own. You have some big balls lady to tell a bestselling author how to write her books.
      (That was me channeling my inner pissed off Elizabeth).
      Morgan does it better.

      Rebecca Reynolds.
      I'm not afraid to tell you my name.

    2. Anonymous,

      Thank you for your reply. As I said in reply to your review on Amazon (you can read it there) I appreciate your input, but the series isn't going to end. I am five books ahead of you, and I know where it's already going. I tell everyone this.
      Trust the author. It's my job to write the books. It's your job to read them. If we keep it simple like that, then everyone is happy. :) If at any time you don't like the story, I can't really help that. Because i'm plotting out 6 different series, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeves.
      I don't put anything in a book that I don't think out and analyze to death. It goes through me, and it goes through my team. I do NOTHING on a whim.
      The threesome will have a happily ever after, but it will be on my timeline. While i appreciate your desire to see more into their future, that's like putting dessert in front of dinner. While fun, at first, somethings will get ruined if you don't do it as planned. I have a series in the future for the kids when they're grown up. It won't come out until i feel it's ready. While i love making everyone happy, i am only one person. The FBI series isn't over yet.

      Here's the part you're not going to like, and i apologize in advance. While I appreciate your review, and opinion, I did have on MAJOR issue with your review. You put a spoiler in the middle of it that Bonnie escaped. Do you know that ruined it for a lot of people? That was my big issue with this whole thing. Because you finished the book on day one, it was so very wrong to ruin it for anyone who checked out your review. That is my ONLY issue with your opinion. If possible, can you not do that anymore when reviewing my books? Or tag it as SPOILER so that someone who has not yet read it can enjoy it without having someone give away the ending? Think about it. That really sucked.
      Other than that, your opinions are valid and always welcome. I love to hear from everyone, and that includes even when they are not happy or hate the book.


    3. Next order of business.

      Rebecca, thank you for your comment! I appreciate hearing from everyone. While anonymous's review may have upset you, and you're not alone, it's still her opinion. I received a ton of emails, messages, and comments asking if I was going to kill the series. I wanted to know everyone's opinion--anonymous's included.
      Books are very personal to people. When you read, you make a connection with the characters and that's my goal. If I can't get you to feel, I've failed at my job. I want everyone to connect with the Blackhawks, but I know that might not happen. It's why I have so many other series available. I want to please everyone.
      While I can see that Anonymous's review stirred you up (Elizabeth was pissed too. She told me so. Imagine how she feels! She's in the prime of her life, trying to teach her daughters that a woman can have it all, and another woman wants to end her time in the spotlight. The language out of her mouth...i was shocked.) As i was saying, opinions are always welcome.
      I know i'm not always going to like them. Being an author is a hard job. You take your baby (a book) and you deliver it out into the world to people who have no faces or names. You pray and hope that they'll like it, be kind, and not hurt you, but it happens.
      This is a tough job to have if you have a thin skin. My intent wasn't to make people want to hunt down anonymous here or on Goodreads. (and they've tried. lol) It was to ask a valid question.

      Are the Blackhawks ready to retire?
      The answer was a resounding NO!
      The FBI series has consistently been a bestseller, and with over 2000+ readers a month, i can't ignore their needs too. So, The FBI series is here to stay.
      I am not touching Elizabeth, Ethan, or Callen.

      I let you all vote, and you have spoken. I'm sorry, Anonymous. If you dislike the direction, i suggest a different author. Out of the five hundred or so comments, emails, and PM's, yours was the only one that suggested i end the series.
      Majority rules in Morgan-ville.

      Thank you both for weighing in.


  2. So this is how comments are taken out of context! At no point did I say I did not enjoy reading your books, but I feel attacked for my opinion which you asked me to elaborate on. I did not mean to "spoil" the point for your readers I was just stating my opinion which you do not have to worry about that any longer. I will definitely continue to read the FBI series because I do enjoy them but for now on I will keep my opinions to myself. As adults, you will think people would agree to disagree. This is like a witch hunt, you give a suggestion and get accused of disliking the direction, people please grow up. Ms. Kelley, I am sorry you took this to a personal level continue the good work.

    1. Woah! Slow your roll. At what point did I state anything of any such thing. I believe I DEFENDED your comment, anonymous. I told the above poster that you were entitled to your opinion. I never once said anything malicious about your review, other than I wish you would have included a spoiler warning. PERIOD.
      You posted a public review on a book that started a storm of questions, worries, and concern. I asked for everyone's opinion.
      If anything, Anonymous, I support your opinion, and was doing my job to make sure that the series wasn't, in fact, losing it's edge. That's my job. I am supposed to go out there and ensure my readers are enjoying the ride.
      I did NOTHING to cause a witch hunt. You posted the original review on FB. I mentioned it in a request to my readers to let me know if the series was getting stale. You then posted here, and you got a response from another reader. How is that me on a witch hunt?
      The above poster, Rebecca, posted her opinion too. I allowed both on my blog because EVERYONE'S opinion is valid.
      I'm sorry if you took this as some attack on you.

      here was your original review that you claimed was yours on Amazon:

      I am one of Morgan Kelley's biggest fan but this book was my least favorite. I love the fact that Elizabeth and Ethan worked it out and saved their marriage. The fact that they deal with the most sadistic serial killers are finally taking a toll on their lives and in part with marriage. I was really hoping to put this whole Bonnie thing to a end so they could move forward but no she got away again, I'm not really feeling this one. Sometimes you need to end things when you are still on top, they are getting older, have six children doing the work they do is not going to work it was bound to hit home. Don't get me wrong I love me some Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen but their separation brought a lot to light that their jobs are beyond dangerous and doing their job would make normal person go insane. Sometimes we don't want it to end but I think it's time.

      Your final line is 'Sometimes we don't want it to end but I think it's time'.
      That's your opinion.
      Others have given theirs. That's on them, not on me. I don't sensor my comments on my blog. I allow all readers the opportunity to have an open discussion.

    2. Here was my response to YOUR review:
      Here's the part you're not going to like, and i apologize in advance. While I appreciate your review, and opinion, I did have on MAJOR issue with your review. You put a spoiler in the middle of it that Bonnie escaped. Do you know that ruined it for a lot of people? That was my big issue with this whole thing. Because you finished the book on day one, it was so very wrong to ruin it for anyone who checked out your review. That is my ONLY issue with your opinion. If possible, can you not do that anymore when reviewing my books? Or tag it as SPOILER so that someone who has not yet read it can enjoy it without having someone give away the ending? Think about it. That really sucked.

      That's it. I was more upset that you spoiled it for other readers than you want the series to end. So, while you're calling names and telling me to grow up, I'm going to offer this piece of advice. Take a breath and calm down. I never once went after you personally, since I don't know who the hell you even are--posting as anonymous. I didn't take this to a personal level. I won't even dignify the 'please grow up' part.
      You accused me of taking comments out of context, and you did the same. Go back and reread once you calm down. Clearly, you're upset, and I don't get why. I never once said anything mean to you. You, on the other hand, seem to be the one going off.
      I have a very thick skin. I have to, because unlike you, I can't hide behind anonymous and leave comments. I have to own what I say, and I do.

      AGAIN: My ONLY issue with your review was the spoiler you shoved in the middle, and how it ruined it for other readers. Period. Your opinion is valid, as is me asking for everyone's opinions. I wasn't rude to you.
      I'm never rude--even when spoken to with disrespect.
      Good luck to you, and I hope you find some amazing books out there. I clearly was NOT able to give you what you want in a book.


  3. Morgan,

    I saw the review and am an avid FBI reader. I find it amusing that a person who left a shitty review where she pretty much told you, the author, how to write your series is now offended that people came back with a comment against it. Here's a thought. If you're going to leave a review where YOU TELL an author how YOU think she should write her series, be prepared for someone to make a comment. I was going to say something on Amazon, but I figured I wouldn't stir anything up. But since this woman thinks she knows better than an author, and started this on the AUTHOR'S blog (!!!!!) I'll add my two cents.
    You need to grow up. You just told an author, who did nothing but ask opinions, to grow up and NOT take something personally. YOU JUST DID. You left your review, stated that it was time to end the series, and you pissed people off.
    This is the bottom line.

    You ruined the ending for me.

    I saw that review on Saturday, the day after release, and it told me how it ended. Who doesn't put that there's a spoiler in it? Maybe this is your first review you've ever written. Morgan asked you not put spoilers in unless you tag it.
    And you got upset.
    Everything Morgan stated is right. If you ruined the book for me, you ruined it for others. I waited 4 months to find out what happened, and you put that Bonnie escaped. THANKS.

    ANGRY Betty.

    (Betty Sanders)
    I, too, am not afraid to give my name.

  4. I saw the review too, and it ruined the book for me. I wish the reviewer would have put a spoiler alert. I paid for a book that I loved, but I didn't want to know the ending.
    I'm with Morgan on this one.
    You left a review and people reacted. That was your opinion, and we all are entitled to ours too.
    Don't end the FBI series. Elizabeth can have it all.
    Thank you, Morgan for giving us a great ride. I trust the author. I know she won't let me down.
    I have 5 girls, and I am a professional mother. I want my girls to see that you don't have an expiry date on your ability to do your job.
    Thank you for making a strong role model.
    Anonymous, you are getting bent out of shape when you posted the first opinion. That opens up the door for everyone to post theirs, including the author you slammed. You gave her a three star review and told her it was time to end a series. What did you think was going to happen?
    Then you came to her blog and started it here too. She never mentioned you in her original blog post. She never even quoted the original review. All Ms. Kelley did was ask us, her readers, if we felt the same. What other author is going to care what their readers think?
    The answer is none.

    Morgan, keep up the stellar work. Your book, even ruined by that review, deserved more than 3 stars. It was well written, it was HUGE, and it was a crazy adventure.
    5 big stars for you!


  5. Morgan, I was disappointed in the review with the spoiler too. I hate when people post reviews on day two before anyone else (those of us who work) and we read them only to find out the HUGE plot twist in the end. I complained to Amazon about that review because of it. Who does that?

    As for the whole 'you should end it now' part of the review. Poppycock. Elizabeth is tough, strong, and she's only just beginning. I'm 72, and she is who I want to be when I grow up!

    Keep going! Ignore the people that know it all.
    As for being told to grow up. That's real mature. You're entitled to defend yourself on your blog. Some nerve.

    Love your books!


  6. Hey, Morgan!
    Thanks for the awesome book! I loved it! I didn't love the review that posted the spoiler. I read it, too, and it was irritating that someone would do that. I HATE that!
    As for ending the series, please don't! I love that Elizabeth is fallible. I love that she has flaws, worries about keeping her men's attention, and has children. It's the perfect balance between a working mom and her brood. If she was perfect, she wouldn't be relatable. I want a heroine who screws up, laughs at herself, and still gets the job done. I read your blog post on why you let her escape. Totally an awesome idea.
    This is why we the readers have to trust you. I figured there was a good reason, and giving Dakota his shot at her to end the demons he's fighting is perfect.
    I can't wait.
    As for anonymous telling you to grow up. That's classy. She posted a crappy review and is butthurt that people called her on it. Totally a bs move if I ever saw one. It's all fun and games when you post reviews, tell an author how to write her books, and then hide behind an anonymous comment. If she had balls, she'd own it and stop playing know it all. Yes, she was allowed her opinion, but then so is everyone else. If you're going to leave a crap review based on YOUR opinion on the second day of a book release, then you have to take the heat.
    I reread some of her reviews. She thinks she's God's greatest gift to reviewing. Someone has WAY too much time on her hands when it comes to her life. I wish I could sit around and review all these books and play review god.
    Oh wait.
    I have a job.

    Anyway, back off our favorite author, anonymous. You crossed the line. Maybe you should grow up.