Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Post election day.

Do the Election results have you down?
Are you excited?

Well, I have good news!

The next two books in the FBI series are up for pre-order.

The fallout continues.
Elizabeth LaRue is still licking her wounds from ‘letting’ The Butcher escape. He may be dead and in his grave, but now so is her career.
With a new case, she only hopes that she can bring this Lazarus back to life. With the help of some local vice cops, Charlie LaRue, and Gabe Rothschild, Elizabeth is poised to take back her life and make her career in the FBI count.
‘It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.’
And she’s going down swinging.
Her professional life isn’t the only thing upside down and stirred up. With Chris at her side, continuing his role as best friend, something is changing between them. Their roles have flipped, their feelings are morphing, and two ‘orphans’ in DC are moving closer together.
Is that a good thing or the biggest mistakes of their lives?
Only time will tell.
And Miss Kitty, OH, MY!
By the time this case is over, it’s going change fate so many years down the road. What happens in your past, doesn’t always stay there. Sometimes, being Stalked by the Past can have deadly consequences.

The past is never the past.
Elizabeth Whitefox-Blackhawk is learning that better than any person. With a secret that she and Chris Leonard carry, she’s trying to balance her life, the men she loves, and a case that is reminding her of something that happened in her past.
Dead children.
It’s getting to be too much for even her.
With each rose left for her and each letter scrawled on the wall, she’s sinking deeper and deeper into the panic. If the truth comes out, she’s beyond screwed. Once, she’d battle through, but time, cases, and her personal life are taking a toll. Elizabeth is marked to die by the hands of someone who really wants to love her.
--Love her to death.
All that stands between her and the grave is the men she loves more than her own life.
But when the truth comes out, who will be left standing?
Can there be an Elizabeth Whitefox-Blackhawk without Callen and Ethan?
Or will she be left Dying to Love.

You can find them here and here.

They will be out for release in Feb 2017.

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Much love, mayhem, and murder,


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