Monday, July 6, 2015

Order of books.

Morning all!

Here is a listing of the books in order that they were written. (For those of you who want to read chronologically. :)  )  Personally, I would read the FBI books first and then the rest of the series, only because the FBI books are the core series. If you skip them and read another series first, you  may get lost    :)


The Killing Times
Sacred Burial Grounds
True Love Lost
Deep Dark Mire
Fire Burns Hot
Celestia is Falling
Darkness of Truth
Vegas is Dying
Devil hath Come
Christmas is Killing
Blood Red Rage
Consumed by Wrath
Sinner Repent
Love is Bleeding
Lost & Broken
Illegal Fantasies
Redemption is Here
Sinner Realized.
Romance Under Arrest
Heaven is Weeping
Unthinkable Games
Dead Shall Speak
Sinner Reborn
Pledging to Die
Hell is Burning 
Truth is Found 
Slay Bells Ring 
Holiday Reinforcements
Oracle is Rising 
Past will Haunt (Not released yet)
Choices will Destroy (Not released yet)
Justice is Dead (Not released yet)
Haven of Nightmares (Not released yet)

Blood Shall Run (Not released yet)

The vampyre books do not cross over so you can read them whenever. 

I hope this helps :)

Much love, mayhem, and murder,



  1. Thanks - this is what I was looking for - while it may or may not be 100% the correct timeline, the order in which you wrote will be more than close enough.

    Much love, mayhem and murder back at you.

    1. I'm glad I can help :) I hope you enjoy them!