Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Sunday!!!!!!

Well, I'm on vacation and it sucks.
I'm realizing that there is a real reason that I never take one.

I hate them.

I feel unproductive, bored, and like I should be working.
I know! I'm crazy.

So, in an attempt to keep my sanity, I thought that I'd post the prologue to Dangerous Revelations. Here's a little back story to it.

Many years ago (2002) I began writing. I had this crazy idea that I wanted to do a vampyre series. It was the hardest thing I ever did, since I never wrote paranormal before. I didn't even read it. So, with the encouragement of an editor, I sat down and tried.
It was hard.
BUT, I did it. The book released and was pretty popular. Then, I wanted out of my contract. When the publisher wouldn't offer my book in electronic form, I wasn't happy.
I waited and waited, until the rights were mine once more.

Then, the book was revamped. (ha ha ha)
I doubled the size.
I added more content.
Thus the Dangerous series was born.

Currently, I have 6 books done. I tossed around releasing them all at once, letting you the reader binge on vampyre sexiness, but it conflicted with my other books. It's not easy running 5 series at one time. Writing I can do with my eyes closed (not really) but the logistics of editing and release is far more difficult. So, with my team, we decided two books a year, back to back.
I know that some people will hate that, because it means waiting a whole year to get the next book, but I can't help it. Releasing 10 books a year takes a perfectly orchestrated ballet, one where no one can get sick, miss a deadline, or make a mistake.

I originally wanted to release around Halloween, but it seemed a little too weird for even me. So, we picked summer.
I hope you all fall in love with Jolie. She's very special to me. She's French, undead, and going to have one hell of a journey in the 10 books in the series. Along the way you'll find out about her past, Jacques's undying love for her, and what happens when you toss a sexy human into the mix. There will be laughter, tears, and even death.
I think you'll be pleased.
Even if you don't really like vamp books, there's still some mystery in them, and a lot of love. Give them a try. What do you have to lose?
I promise they'll make you smile.

Enough about me....

How about a prologue?

Read on....


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