Thursday, October 31, 2013


Blessed Samhain my friends!

I love this time of the year.
I especially love Halloween. It's when the spooky is loved, the macabre is adored and the scary is in the forefront.
To me, Halloween is a time when we can all be kids, eat lots of candy and play make believe.
It's kind of what I do every day in my life.

I get the privilege of playing in fantasy worlds and it's damn fun! I get to create murder, mayhem and most importantly, (in my opinion) love.
On my most favorite of holidays, I want to wish you a terrifyingly haunted night as you take the kids out trick or treating, dress up to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids, or just watch a scary movie on TV.

Experience it for what it's worth.

Sometime tonight, Christmas is Killing  (book 3) will be available. I hope you all enjoy it, and drop me an email with your opinion. I know that some of you have issues with Greyson Croft being so bossy, arrogant and territorial. He's a total alpha, but things are on the horizon.
There shall be a shake up going on.

Enjoy and think of me as you're out haunting your streets.
I too shall be blending in, making mischief and causing general mayhem.

Brightest Blessings on Halloween.

Fondest wishes,


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