Thursday, June 20, 2013

yay! Tammy's Back!!!

The book has gone off to my bff for proofing!

Vegas is Dying is on its way!   With my superwoman back in the game we're on track!

I'm also ranked at 53 and 65 on Amazon's top 100 author list!!!
Thank you all!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,



  1. thank you all for all the well wishes... I am doing much better.. the swelling has gone down and i can now stop the meds.. my elbow may be broke but my eyes are just fine and would never stop helping Morgan Kelley with her awesome books. She has gone above and beyond to make it easier for me to proof the next book since I can not hold a book. LOL I have the greatest honor and job of working with Morgan and her works of art.. she is truly talented in all that she does. Now off to work.. we need the next book done. sorry for the errors.. I'm typing with one hand. thanks again Tammy

    1. You are superwoman and irreplaceable.

      Now, that being said... take it easy on me! lol