Sunday, March 24, 2013

Celestia's Falling... behind.

Hello all!

Greetings from 'buried in murder' land. Today I'd hoped to get a big jump on Celestia's Falling, but I fell a little behind with other things. (Darn kids wanting food in the house!)
I'm about one hundred pages into the first read through and had honestly hoped for it to be done by tomorrow.
Not going to happen.
I've found a flaw in it, and I'm working on resolving it before Tammy get's her hands on it. (If I try and sneak it by her, she'll kick my ass.)
Seriously, she will...

Anyway, I'm going to hit it hard this week in hopes to get it to her for next week for proofing. I'm on a schedule and I really hate when I fall behind. I feel like a slacker if I don't keep my self-imposed deadlines.
Sometimes being your own boss is brutal!

That being said, Fire Burns Hot was dropped off to Tammy this morning to be proofed this week. (I literally dropped it on her porch and ran for it. I kid you not...) So, she's got it in her capable hands, and we'll see if she gives me the thumbs up or down. Either way, the release is projected in April. As soon as I get an idea of when, I'll let you all know. I'm aiming before April 26th. I'm going to be taking a few days off to head to Salem, MA.
I'll be wandering around in all my witchy glory!
I'm going there to get some ideas for my paranormal series that I'm rolling out sometime this year. (and I'm on burnout and need a vacation. Who doesn't want to stay at a B&B in the witch-town USA?)
I'm dragging my husband there, much to his horror and boredom. Maybe I'll post some photos when I get back! He'll be the one holding my purse with a cranky look on his face.

Happy Sunday to everyone! Keep reading!

Much Love, Murder and Mayhem.




  1. One book at a time... please.. I will start proofing fire burns hot tonight.. I do need to clean.. feeding my kids is optional since its the weekend. Lol. Happy spring.

    1. All you want to do is proof for me all day long!