Monday, February 25, 2013

Successful weekend

Over the weekend I decided to allow Kindle to release my first book in the FBI Thriller series for free download. I tossed around the pros and cons, and then went with my initial premise behind my writing.
It's never been about the money. From day one, I've always told people I don't do what I do for the greenbacks. If you've ever been a new author, you'd know why. You've a better chance of getting struck by lightning, while shot, in a bikini, on a whaler in Alaska than becoming a success as a "newbie" writer.
I've been very fortunate, so I paid the good writer karma forward and had almost 2000 downloads in just over 48 hours.
To me that's staggering. I don't know 2000 people personally, so they can't be my family or friends. To top it all off, I actually had positive reviews and emails from readers asking questions. That had to be the highlight of my year.
(And I've had a pretty terrific year!)
I just want to thank anyone reading this that took the time to be bothered to read my book. From the bottom of my heart, it is greatly appreciated. I also want to thank everyone that rated my books on amazon with five stars.
When you write and are up for review, there's always this little voice in the back of your head wondering is it going to be seen how you see it? Will someone rip it to pieces and then crucify the vision that I've nurtured and given life to?
It's not easy to take criticism and keep smiling. I know, I've been rejected by publishers and told 'no thank you'. But there is no greater strength than to release your work into the universe and pray that the hands of fate are gentle.
If you've ever read a really bad book, remember this. To someone, it's their baby.

Good, bad or ugly.

Be gentle, and think about how you'd feel if you (insert skill or favorite thing here) and someone ripped it to pieces and laughed while doing it. Compassion is a lost art, and more people should find it again.

Once more, thank you for falling in love with Elizabeth and Ethan.


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