Dark Elements ~ The Coven Chronicles

Here's my new series of witches! This will be a 7 book series and released in 2016 or early 2017

Book One
The beginning. 


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    1. Hi!
      I'm planning for 2018, but in all honesty, it's driven by reviews. The team and I sit down at the end of this year, and we look at which series are most popular, and then we decide if there will be a spin off, or a new series. My paranormal don't get as many reviews, so that weighs heavily into it. If the Vamps begin to get more consistent reviews on Amazon, we put it into the rotation. The book was supposed to release next month, but we haven't been getting the reviews needed to tie up a team for a whole month.
      There are a lot of things that go into the review process. It takes two editors two months to get a book ready. If we don't have a lot of feedback, and that's through reviews, we opt to release a more popular series. That's why the FBI books have 4 book releases a year :)


    2. so anyone wanting to see new books! Head on out to Amazon and start leaving reviews!!!