Book Trailers

I have four book trailers coming out!
One for the FBI romance series, one for the Croft & Croft series, One for the Littlemoon one, and of course, the vampyre books.

I hope you enjoy them!




  1. hi I think your book looks great but I cant find it at any of the public library's so could you please post an pdf thank you

    1. Sorry, Lilly, but I can't do that.
      Because of people pirating work from authors, I never give out PDF versions of my books. If you'd like me to gift you a copy in Ebook format, please contact me or my team at If you have a computer or smart phone, you can download copies of the books there.
      Sorry! I wish i could do that, but this is how I support my family, and I can't risk my work being passed around.